Ok so I have gotten into the mission building now. I have already figured out the JTAC. I need some ideas for missions in the persian gulf theater. As of right now I have our allies set as the usual in the region with IRAN being the target country. I'm thinking of bringing the fleet into the gulf for the first mission and have to fight off some F-14a's that we sold to iran that are going to try to intercept our carrier with their anti ship missiles while having a bombing mission for our F-18's to take out some SAM sites and other anti air defenses to allow for air superiority later on in the campaign. Hit me up on teamspeak or here with some more real world scenarios. I plan on developing waypoints for nav and incorporate awacs and mid air refueling in the future as the main air base for the hadji cunts is a bit away. Of course in the campaign we will be taking over air bases and such.