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Everything Game related is here... from information on active on-line games, reviews of new games, help with game issues and more.
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By [USMCG] JarheadEd Feb 24, 19
This is a dedication to our friends and family that have fallen in previous and current conflicts. Let us honor our fallen comrades in arms not by mourning their death, but instead by celebrating their lives. Share their story here.
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By [USMCG] Trakker tag Oct 24, 18
The content posted inside this board are published to the front page of the forums for the whole world to see. This is designed for those articles of interest to the Marines and public that cannot access the squadbay.
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By [USMCG] LOWDRAG Dec 23, 16
Forum for technology updates, computer help, "How To" guides on building your rig, and all things computer related.
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By [USMCG] Spooky May 30, 17
Welcome to the USMCG Forums, One and All!
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By [USMCG] JarheadEd Jun 21, 18
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By [USMCG] Trakker tag Dec 3, 17
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